What is

Dotfreeride is a free interactive
ski resort map for iPhone and Android.
It is designed to ease the in-ski-resort
navigation on recreational level, and
bring the most out of the
in-ski-resort stay.

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What resorts
are available?

Currently only Verbier,
Switzerland. However
we are soon planning to
expand to other resorts as well.
If you are a resort, or
would like to have the app
in your resort, contact us.

Where can I get the
Dotfreeride App?

It is available in android
and apple app stores.

For Apple users,
you can download it here.

For Android users,
you can download it here.

Look out for application
updates in app store recently.
We issue an improoved version
of the app on a monthly basis.

What devices
are compatible
with Dotfreeride?

Apple – iPhone 4S and above
Android 4.2 – Jelly Bean

How much does it cost?

It is for FREE,
and it will always be.

How much free storage
do I need to install the App?

It's about 10MB = 5 high-res
pictures taken with a phone.

Do I need mobile data
to use the App?

No, in case you are using
the app for the individual
navigation, as the GPS
functionality does not use data.
Yes, if you wish to connect
with your family or friends.

Do I need to sign up,
or sign in with Facebook
to use the App?

Yes, Dotfreeride
works using user accounts.
We require accounts
to allow greater amount
of account and setting
We recommend connecting
with Facebook, as it will
connect you with your
friends and family that use
Dotfreeride automatically.

Do I need to allow
the location services?

Yes, you need to allow
the location services.
With pressing
START and STOP button
you are in control when
and where to use location

Do I need to allow
the notifications?

No, you don’t need to,
however it is recommended
to get the most out of
the Dotfreeride application.
If you change your mind
you can always change
the settings later on
in the preference settings
of the application or at your
mobile phone applications

How long will
1 the battery last?

The battery consumption
of Dotfreeride is similar
to any other application that
uses location services.
The experience of our users is
that the phone battery is lasting
up to 14 hours, when running
a Dotfreeride next to average
use of the phone.

How accurate
the Dotfreeride map
and the location services are?

We recommend using
Dotfreeride application
for recreational purposes.
The application is measuring
your location with the
accuracy up to 10 meters.

Please note that the map
is based on resort
ski-map-drawing that is
representing an estimation
of the real landscape.

Furthermore always take
in to consideration your phone
baterry life expectations;
therefore always carry
with you a paper map and
a compass as a primary
navigation tool.